Infectrack System

By employing integrated hardware and software solutions, i-Healthsys/DMC develops solutions to meet the specific circumstances of each form of application, while working in conjunction with healthcare professionals within hospitals.


The Infectrack System is an electronic hand hygiene system which is based on the "feedback loop" concept in which the user is identified through an electronic badge and during his/her approach to the patient's bedside the user is alerted by means of a light signal as to whether or not hand hygiene has been performed.


The Infectrack System increases the professionals` adherence to proper hand hygiene procedures, thus assisting programs put in place to control hospital-acquired infections, providing the patients with a higher level of safety.


The Infectrack System is fully automated and requires no extra installation. All communication and data collection are performed independently of the hospital's internal data infrastructure.


Infectrack is an integrated solution, developed in partnership with a healthcare institution, designed to manage the issue of hand hygiene in the simplest and most efficient way possible.


A simple self-contained system designed not to impact the day-to-day work flow of the hospital staff. The data collection and report generation system allows for the monitoring of the hospital staff regarding their compliance to hand hygiene procedures


Future Directions


i-HealthSys is working in the integration of hand hygiene data with electronic medical recording system in order to predict healthcare association infections. 



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